Aloe vera + D-Panthenol active ingredients penetrate into the hair fiber to moisturize the hair and coat hair strands with a protective film that seals in the hair’s natural moisture. It defines and tames curls, preventing against split ends, making the hair easier to comb and free flowing, satiny smooth and lustrous.

Well-defined and tamed curls, and extra moisturized, lustrous, easy to comb, resilient and supple hair with natural bounce. And you benefit with fabulous-looking curls like you’ve always wanted.

  • Shampoo
  • Cleanses the scalp gently, hydrates the entire length of the strand to the tip, makes the hair easier to comb and tames curls.

  • Conditioner
  • Conditions, moisturizes, smoothes, imparts silkiness and radiant shine, untangles and tames curls.

  • Leave-in Conditioning Cream
  • Promotes continuous hydration, smoothes, defines and tames curls, and also adds a special gleam.

  • Curl Enhancer
  • Defines and contours curls, adding shine – semi shiny wet look.

  • Curl Moistener
  • Promotes light hold without making curls stiff – brilliantly shiny look. Defines and tames curls guarding against the frizzies.

  • Intensive Treatment Mask
  • Provides deep hydration and imparts smoothness, silkiness, and radiant shine


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