Hair Strengthener

Capicilin Hair Strengthener was developed especially to treat damaged, brittle or weak hair. The treatment offers immediate results, ideal for hair mistreated from over processing, the harsh effects of outdoor exposure or genetic deficiencies.

Its exclusive formula is enhanced by a nutritional fortifying complex composed of Marrow, Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5, which acts on the inner layers of the hair bulb and strands to restore the substances responsible for strengthening the hair and promoting resistance and vitality.

Regular use of Capicilin Hair Strengthener builds a protective coating around the damaged parts of the hair shaft to restore protein, diminish breakage and leave the hair with a silky texture and lustrous shine.

  • Tonic
  • Acts directly on the scalp. Nourishes the hair starting at the hair bulb, strengthening and promoting hair health – nourishment, strength and a natural sheen.


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