Long-lasting anti-moisture shield.
Reduces splits ends and eliminates the frizzies.
Helps rebuild the porous and brittle parts of the strand.

The exclusive After-Processing formula containing Rebuilding Complex (Keratin, Creatine and Avocado Oil) + Special Silicones + Sunscreen, helps rebuild the porous and brittle parts of the hair strand, reducing split ends and eliminating frizz, in addition to coating the hair fiber with a long-lasting anti-moisture shield.

Strong, nourished and tamed hair each time your wash, radiant shine, smoothness, anti-frizz action and longer-lasting perfect straightening.

  • Shampoo
  • Gently cleanses the scalp, initiating the hair-rebuilding process and making it more resistant starting with the first time you wash it.

  • Conditioner
  • Conditions, rebuilds, nourishes the entire length of the hair to the tips and promotes smoothness and radiant shine.

  • Leave-in Conditioning Cream
  • Coats the hair shaft with a protective film to reestablish hair resilience and resistance, and to restore its natural look. Protects against split ends and the frizzy look

  • Treatment Mask 1g
  • Provides instant moisturizing and rebuilding. It penetrates into the hair fiber to leave the hair tamer, stronger and smoother. It fights against split ends and the frizzies.

  • Gel Keratin - High Penetration Rebuilder Gel
  • Penetrates into the hair fiber to replenish the keratin chains, rebuilding its structure and restoring hair vitality, shine, strength and protection.


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